In May 2013, a three-day Rollbuch workshop was held at the "PROJEKTOR kultureller Raum | teiler" in Hamburg. Ten illustrators were each challenged by ten meters of blank paper.


For the Rollbuch exhibition in Nov. 2017, we had a live drawing performance by Tara Deacon. She explores nature, mostly in watercolor, gouache and ink, with a feel for innocence and nostalgia. On the exhibition, she covered 11 meters of papers with a illustration of a never-ending dinner table. Her work was projected on a wall, inviting every guest to be a part of this beautiful picnic feast.


Each illustrator was challenged by ten meters of blank paper and the same drawing materials. As the workshop went along, though, it was clear that their approaches were wildly different from each other, thanks to the "endless" length and the motion possibilities of the format.

If you like to participate in the next Rollbuch Workshop, just write us an email.