For us, the Rollbuch irradiates sensuality and  timelessness, it extends the world of classical books, - even more so during a time of ever-present touchscreen aestetics.


The technical mechanism of our book was found within millions of roll film cameras just two decades ago. We were working on a children's book, as we had the idea of creating a "book with an endless page within a winding-box". What we hoped for was a new and fluid reading experience. Our desire to build a convenient, book-sized object after a few weeks yielded our first "Rollbuch".


To share the Rollbuch with artists who are inspired by its format, so far has been the most rewarding part of our journey. To bring a small diversity of these beautiful objects into the world is what constantly motivates us, and we are always happy about requests for collaboration. – The list of planned editions is growing steadily.

Besides that, the Rollbuch with blank roll paper has become a popular gift, it is available in a range from fancy down to a really simple version – its manufacturing has become easier and its price lower over the years.





A new product that feels like it has always been around? A magical book-box, revealing its secrets without the need to ever turn a page, where stories unroll with so far unknown fluidity. Real-world haptics, soft rattles and whispers, the rushing of paper on its way between two reels. At the center of attention: the window, stage for poetry and prose, for Eros and Thanatos, for the pictured, the written and the imagined.