No matter if used as a guestbook for events, as a "gift wrap" for personal messages, as a sketchbook or journal: roll books with blank paper are available in all kinds of formats and materials, even with special details if requested.


The Rollbuch is an object with roughly the size of an ordinary book. Inside, there is a long paper band wound onto two spools, which can be moved in either direction. Printed content thereby passes smoothly in front of the viewer, without breaks and without ever turning a page. The motion of the paper, together with the "infinite" format yield a reading experience unknown from common books or even antique scrolls. A Rollbuch may be read from left to the right, or also vertically; it may contain text where everything but a few lines remains hidden. At times it will apply optical illusions to intensify the viewers sense of motion… – subtle effects we are constantly trying to refine.

Linke Kurbel nach links: Band bewegt sich nach links

Rechte Kurbel nach rechts: Band bewegt sich nach rechts

Unterseite: Schiebedeckel zum Wechseln der Bänder.

Neben limitierten Auflagen mit Künstlern, Autoren und Illustratoren gibt es auch Rollbücher zum selbst gestalten. Diese werden oft als Geschenke, Gästebücher für Hochzeiten, oder für persönliche Anlässe verwendet. Die Vielfalt der Materialien und Ausführungen ist dabei praktisch unbegrenzt. Jedes dieser Bücher ist ein echtes Unikat und wird im aufwändigem Manufakturbetrieb hergestellt. Highlights sind Varianten mit hinterleuchtetem Fenster oder einer eingebauten Spieluhr. Neben diesen Einzelstücken arbeiten wir momentan an einer Serie günstigerer Blanko-Rollbücher.


The freedom to design an individual Rollbuch is usually limited by budget only. So far we have realized sketchbooks with drawers for pencils, books with musical boxes inside, with backlit windows for those who like to read under the blanket; one was built into a fish can, some were jewelry-like flat boxes entirely made of metals, used for love letters or proposals of marriage, – to name just a few.

The length of the paper is currently somewhere between two and 50 metres. As with film into roll film cameras, "virgin" rolls of paper can be installed as often as desired. Every book is a handmade single piece. Prices and delivery times on request.


These books usually contain text only, which reads vertically. The opening of the window can be limited to a few lines, thus the rest of the text remains hidden, even from peripheral vision.


This book is typical of most of our editions; it contains 10 to 12 metres of paper with a standard width of 168 millimetres; the size of the window, and hence the outer dimensions of the book may vary; – a convenient format with quite some space for content.


Elaborate finish, rare materials (please DO NOT ask for ivory), engravings, up to refinements
from the crafts of marquetry and jewelry, – all of these are a mere question of budget. We work with love, on a small scale and may collaborate with specialized workshops for your requests.


Rollbuch is evolving constantly. Meanwhile we have quite a number of experimental prototypes, studies and finished one-of-a-kind books awaiting their use in a larger series or edition. 


An extension of the kinetic nature of the roll book: The motion of the paper band itself creates the moiré effect on its surface – the graphics come to life. Present subject of a typographical study.